Fire in Old Dhaka |Ganaktuli

 The fires were incidents of Ganaktuli Hajarebag in the city of old Dhaka. I rushed on the spot around half an hour and see local people, fighter fighters, Bangladesh Rifles member already struggled to control fire. I took some of pictures after that I take place on the five floor building for taking more picture and see what actually is happened.

 Local people said the fire originated from a kitchen in the colony around 11:00 am. According 200 shanties were devastated and at least 20 people were injured in a fire that broken out at Ganaktuli Sweeper Colony. Over two hours to bring the fire under control. Could not reach the spot in time to narrow roads and find water sources. 21 November 2008 ©Monirul Alam

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 Photo:Monirul Alam


Photo:Monirul Alam


Photo:Monirul Alam


Photo:Monirul Alam


Photo:Monirul Alam


Photo:Monirul Alam


Photo:Monirul Alam

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