Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

© Monirul Alam
© Monirul Alam

Illumination. Recently, I’ve been inspired by all types of lights, from the tiny white twinkles draped over trees during the holidays to the spectacle of fireworks in the night sky on New Year’s Eve. But sometimes I stumble upon stunning displays of light in the most unexpected places, like this grid of colorful bulbs underneath Southwark Bridge in London, England

Lights are functional — everyday objects in our rooms and on our streets. Yet lights can be powerful symbols: signs of life, curiosity, and discovery. We’re interested in seeing what you come up with for illumination — particularly your creative interpretations and more abstract approaches by Cheri Lucas

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. Having the person on the roof being dwarfed by the firework really messes with my sense of perception, but adds another dynamic to this shot. It’s silly, but I’ve never really thought of just how large fireworks can be.

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