[ Dream & Reality ] Work in Progress

© Monirul Alam
© Monirul Alam

My works are #symbolic representations of my thought about everyday #life as it appears to us. During my study project named #Dream & #Reality since my #photography learning in 1994.I tried to start as an experiment basis used such procedures as double exposure, combination painting, and many more method which applied. That time such #experiment attracted #people and attention and inspiring me too and influence my inner thought to explore my work, while I continue it till nowadays. I try to more #experiment through my #digital device with digital #darkroom it’s really exciting. I hope to all of my #Facebook friends to share their valuable opinions and have to enjoy it. #Photo by Monirul Alam with Monirul News

Copy Right Notice:
All images,videos and text in this site is copyrighted. http://www.monirulnews.com Please don’t use any image without written permission.  Please contact witnessphoto@gmail.com 

© Monirul Alam

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