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©Monirul Alam

Inspiration ! You feel something, to do creative something,Yes, it is important word in my life, I remember it in my own creative vision. I started my photographic journey in 1994 from BPS, Bangladesh Photographic Society with my small camera Pentex ME Super, a short basic photography course afterwords completed my three years Graduation from Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, my professional drives with Prothom Alo Newspaper as a deputy chief photojournalist.

I always learn in my time, I learn from my mistake, I learn from other works. I think it is a big influence to me for betterment of my own work. I sharing my photography thought with you, it may help yourself towards in your own photographic drives, remember the word ‘Inspiration’ You feel something, to do creative something.

Whenever I go, I always carry on my camera, let you know nowadays every one use smart phone camera with great MP image anyway, it’s my tool to capturing the images, I see in my life that around me and I captured it, I feel from my heart.

A few years ago during my photographic shoot in Old Dhaka on the subject old building wall with beautiful green plant and fallen beautiful light ray, I took it afterwards my friends said, you really mad guy’s, yes I am still mad guy’s about my photography passion and my photographic profession.

I would like one think, I share my photographic experience with you, so that I writing down it and share with you. Here, I am discuss about the Landscape Photography from my practical experience. I think it’s may help you during your photo shoot.

As a professional photographer point of view to takes a better landscape photography, you can only shoot two times. In order to get a good landscape, you shoot early in the morning and evening, so keep in your mind to get planing in your traveling,anyway. The other time is as well as good for documentation or photo-journalistic purpose, but to get ‘Dreamlike Landscape Images’ using those magic times to get an amazing result. Keep in your eye to draw by lines, angles, textures, contrast and light with the right compositions and aesthetics that is very important to takes Dreamlike Landscape Images.

MORNING TIME: About 15 minuets before sunrise and than form 30 minuets afterward.

EVENING TIME: About 30 minuets before sunset and than form 15 minuets afterward.

WHY: Because it’s the only time you get the soft, warm light and shadows, that’s given you professional quality lighting for landscape photography. Professional Landscape Photographers shoot at those two time of day. It’s a golden rule of landscape photography.

CAMERA SETTING & OTHER THINGS: Aperture Priority (AV), Manual (M), Program (P) and Landscape mode is better for shooting time. Must shoot in RAW mode for viewing purpose to shoot in JPG mode. ISO setting is to set up 100 up to 800 it’s depend on level of light. Set up your camera into Auto White Balance for avoiding other compilation. Lenses are use Normal, Standard Zoom, Telephoto and Wide-angle lenses, it’s depend on your lenses accessibility, try to get maximum f-stop (Depth-Of-Field, DOF) keep in your Flash to use it if necessary for fill-light and must use in your Tripod.

Before shoot landscape must see the Muster Landscape photographers works through the Web and than not to copy their works to see for experience.

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The Spirit of School | Bangladesh | Work in Progress . . .

In the story, a popular Bangladeshi comic character called Meena (girl), desire for an education but initially has to stay at home to help with the housework. But by the end of the story, Meena’s relatives realize the value of education and the earnest young girl heads to school with her younger brother. The focus on education is evident among policymakers across Bangladesh who are taking measures to achieve a 100 per cent literacy rate within the next decade.

As per the latest literacy survey report of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the country’s literacy rate of the population aged above 15 reached 59.82 per cent while the illiteracy rate is 40.18 and the literacy of women is 55.71 per cent.

The education system and structure of Bangladesh has three major stages-primary, secondary and higher educations. Primary education is a 5-year cycle while secondary education is a 7- year one with three sub-stages: 3 years of junior secondary, 2 years of secondary and 2 years of higher secondary. The private schools also receive strong financial support from the state. The tertiary education (3-5 years) is provided through universities (31 public and 51 private universities) and affiliated colleges under supervision of University Grants Commission. Establishment of private universities has gained momentum in recent years. At all levels, students can choose the medium of education from Bangla or English.

The constitution is the fundamental law of the country it serves as a framework of all others laws. According to the Bangladesh Constitution article 17 Free and compulsory education. The State shall adopt effective measures for the purpose of –

a) establishing a uniform, mass-oriented and universal system of education and extending free and compulsory education to all children to such stage as may be determined by law; b) relating education to the needs of society and producing properly trained and motivated citizens to serve those needs; removing illiteracy within such time as may be determined by law.

This project was a challenge for me as I had to document the subject in a different way than I did before and continue in upcoming days. I feel this challenge has taken the whole project to a new level.

-monirul alam

© Monirul Alam
© Monirul Alam

An artist makes a school education logo which is display on the school wall its logo is widely use in Bangladesh. As per the latest literacy survey report of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the country’s literacy the literacy rate of the population aged above 15 reached 59.82 per cent while the illiteracy rate is 40. PHOTO Nov. 18, 2009 Dinajpure Bangladesh.

© Monirul Alam
© Monirul Alam

A Bangladeshi child play with his rickshaw tires on the street of Dhaka after he finished his school, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says her government has undertaken necessary plans to free the country of illiteracy by 2014. PHOTO Oct. 27, 2005 Dhaka Bangladesh.

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