Paush Shankranti Celebration in Dhaka 

January 14, 2017 – Dhaka, Bangladesh – A woman spits fire on the last day of Bengali month Paush. This traditional festival is locally known as Sankranti. People of the old Dhaka celebrate Shakhrine with colorful kite flying during the day and fire eating and performances after dark. 

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Rally To Save Sundarbans Mangrove Forest . . . 

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Bangladeshi activists attend a protest to stop making coal power plant in Sundarban area in Dhaka, Bangladesh on January 07, 2016. The Sundarbans is the largest single tract mangrove forest and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bangladesh is planning to build the Rampal coal-fired power plant there. It will be built by the Indian company NTPC Ltd. To operate, 4.72 million tons of coal per year which emitting huge GHG and as a result threatens the unique biodiversity and ecosystem of the Sundarbans as well as the livelihoods of million local people. In this context, UNESCO has recently asked Bangladesh to abandon the project. People in Bangladesh have organised and are tirelessly opposing this project.

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Shopping Market Fire in Bangladesh . . . 

03 January 2016 Dhaka, BANGLADESH ~ Shopping Market Fire in Bangladesh. I was there to coverage at the capital of Gulshan One area DNCC Market has caught a fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 03 January 2017. Twenty-two fire fighters control the fire; the reason of the fire is not known yet. According to local reports, and witness said more than the fire has affected 600 shops but no casualties have yet been reported, the fire reportedly originated from a transformer blast on the south side of the market earliest on the same day. © Monirul Alam

The Final Day of Shuvo and Arpeeta . . .

Today’s 16 December , 2016 my dear younger brother SHUVO is now married person.We pray both of you Shuvo & Arpeeta and thank you so much for your beautiful moments sharing with us.

You know the together you are stronger, together you are one.Our wishes with pray, love & happiness.Have a wonderful married life! Megh,Bubli & your Choto Bhaiya.

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Counter Terrorism Raid in Dhaka

24122016 ~ Members of the Bangladeshi Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) of an operation to flush out suspected Islamist extremists in a hideout in Dhaka on December 24, 2016, as a team from the counterterrorism unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police cordoned off a three-storey building in the capital. Two female militants along with two children surrendered to the cops, 1 female and a teen militant killed themselves during police raid by exploding suicidal vest outside their den while acting to surrender to the cops. © Monirul Alam