Happy birthday dear daughter . . .

WITNESS MY TIME | The alarm clock nock me, and than I weaks up early in the morning for my morning walks in our rooftop, I saw the day is beautiful, air’s so frash with clear blue sky and white clouds moves around the sky. I started my exercise and makes some plane for my little baby girl’s birthday, This year she turned into three years old.

Unfortunately these time periods around the world are facing on coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 diseases, more than 10 million people around the world has been infected of the coronavirus COVID-19 diseases and the death toll half a million already cross. We should be able to take care of ourselves, and stay safe and healthy and should maintain World Health Organization (WHO) guideline for it’s preventation.


All Praises and Thanks Be To Allah, for everything. These day, three years ago she was born in our family. It was very happy and loving for us. Our baby girl is so nice and pretty child, sometimes she crosses and commands us if we are not to be good attention to her, Today’s shortly I bought some birthday gifts and cake for her.

Our little baby, DHEU / ঢেউ holds a balloon in our sweet home as she poses for photos, and played with her elder brother during her birthday time. DHEU and her elder brother MEGH so kinds and happy for these beautiful moments!

Happy birthday my dear daughter, I wishes to you enjoy every moment of your life with my love . . .

ডাইরি / জুলাই ২০২০

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