Climate Refugee in Bangladesh . . .

Climate change touches already every corner of the world and every aspect of people’s lives. As the global temperature increases, its impacts will become even more extreme. The impact of climate change world is already facing food and fuel crises. World Bank and IMF have sounded a larger alarm push 100 million people in low-income countries deeper into poverty. In Bangladesh we are seeing rice-crises firsthand everyday. The long queues on the roadside subsidized rice sale centers are probably an indication of the coming hunger, when 30 million people will face starvation. In Bangladesh natural disasters like SIDR, River Erosion, Drought and Flood mass migration of people from the countryside to the cities. Visions of money, food and a better life, but many of they failed to realize their dreams lured the migrants, and the rural poor became the urban poor. I began to document of marginal condition in my own country. My investigation finally brought me to a climate refugee in Bangladesh.