Anniversary of attack on Holey Artisan Cafe in Bangladesh

Mourners, including politicians and foreign diplomats, have gathered at the scene of the Holey Artisan massacre to pay their respects to the 22 victims of the country’s worst terrorist attack on its first anniversary on 01 July, 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh A terrorist attack by members of local militant group Jamautul Mujahedin at a popular restaurant in Dhaka on 01 July 2016, left 20 hostages dead and several injured. Military commandos killed six gunmen and rescued 13 hostages during the attack. Dhaka Holey restaurant was relocated and the old location was rebuilt as a residence.
July 01, 2017- Dhaka, Bangladesh

Reportage & Video by Monirul Alam

Shopping Market Fire in Bangladesh . . . 

03 January 2016 Dhaka, BANGLADESH ~ Shopping Market Fire in Bangladesh. I was there to coverage at the capital of Gulshan One area DNCC Market has caught a fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 03 January 2017. Twenty-two fire fighters control the fire; the reason of the fire is not known yet. According to local reports, and witness said more than the fire has affected 600 shops but no casualties have yet been reported, the fire reportedly originated from a transformer blast on the south side of the market earliest on the same day. © Monirul Alam

Gulshan Lake Panoramic View

ON Assignment | January 2013

Notes: Recently I visited at Gulshan area and takes some photos from the high-rise building and then, I use photo stitch to make a panoramic view – moniurl alam

© Monirul Alam
© Monirul Alam

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