My School Memories . . .

Photo : © Monirul Alam

Your school career is one of the only things in life where you join crying and leave crying . . .

Love my school childhood days which will never come back again,still we carried with my friends and family. I Love my St. Gregory’s High School & College ( SGHS ) those days which I left.

Today, I visited of my old school with my little gangs Megh & Dheu. It is here, I talked with them of my school days from my memories.

After our school classes ended then we we’re in our playgrounds, to playing football, basketball, table tennis and handballs, but I preferred always played football. All our playgrounds and courts are separated and it’s looking beautiful that time.

At present time after a new buildings constructions we lost a some playground and courts, but there is still a good playgrounds for the students, as well as they played and practice their game’s.

In our class football team, I was a player of a left out, and one of my best friends Abdullah was a center player and Chandan we called Chandu Sing, he was our goalkeeper, at this moment I can’t remember my other’s friends name.

Our schools staff Montu da called the last bell for end of the day then we leave our school ground. Aha that days was my nostalgic memories.

Diary / Old Dhaka, Bangladesh
November, 2022 © Monirul Alam