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Dhaka, Bangladesh. Megh’s school close down this week for summer holidays, We decided to visit a short trips in Gazipur, outskirts of Dhaka. It’s name Chuti resort and picnic spot. We spend in one night’s and day. Pleasure is a big gift from nature is here,you can loose yourself and than find yourself again  it’s call a magic and love. I think it’s place is an  unlimited pleasure, our little family members are really enjoy and exciting to visit this place. I am try to capture their beautiful moment and having to use my book project name PRIVATE. Photo by Monirul Alam


PRIVATE | Publication

When I come back to my home I really surprised to see my computer table, PRIVATE! Yes, International review of photographs magazine PRIVATE,  on my table- Private global report published my photo story ” People’s Struggle”. I pick it up and shortly look it’s nice, collectable and should be archives value. Around the globe total 17 photographers work published  in this winter 2010-11 edition.

Dhaka,December 2010. Private,Global Report an International Review of Photographs.Copy Right:Monirul Alam

The issue is [Anthropology] As unique and special the scenes are that the photographers for this issue have chosen to focus on,the similarities (what we have in common,what we share) that can be found around the globe are striking said their editorial. . .

Canadian photographer DONAL WEBER work Chernobyl issue,his work titled “Bastard Eden,Our Chernobyl” Donald began visiting this region, as he says, because he wanted to see what was there. His question was simple: What was daily life actually like, in A POST-NUCLER WORLD?

Hans Durrer write his editorial on my work, […] from “People’s  Struggle” with the floods that ravage Bangladesh each year to a Kalahari previously not seen (my favorites pics of all are the two first ones in blue).

Hear I am write the photographers name who their worked is Published in this Magazine at the same time I am very glad to Private Magazine to published my work and well reviewed . . .

Dhaka,December 2010. Private,Global Report an International Review of Photographs.Copy Right:Monirul Alam


Donald Weber

Isabelle Pateer

Kirk Ellingham

Guido Gazzilli

Nadia Shira Cohen

Daniel Traub

Antonia Zennaro

Alex Tomazatos

Monirul Alam (me)

Silvia Boarini

Martin Errichiello

Tessa Bunney

Nicola Lo Calzo

Tamas Paczai

Alessandro Toscano

Lene Munch

Matteo Bastianelli

7, December 2010

PRIVATE International review of photographs | People's Struggles by Monirul Alam

Tuesday, Dhaka

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