Married Adolescent Girl’s Empowerment . . . 

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of early marriage in the world.Almost two-thirds of the women between 20 and 24 were married before the age 18, according to a national survey by Plan Bangladesh and ICDDR,B in 2013.The negative impact of child marriage is acknowledge worldwide and consequently there are a host of policies and programmes that focus strongly on its prevention.

Married Adolescent in Bangladesh 

65% of Bangladeshi girls are married off before the age of 18 and approximately one third of women aged 20 to 24 were married off by the age of 15 ( UNICEF )

240 women in every 100,000 live birth die from pregnancy related cause ( UNDP 2013 ) 

It is necessary to protect child rights of girls who have already entered marriage. Through my photo project I would like to show the present condition about the early married girls, especially  their daily life activates and the married girls empowering through the Image Project. The project titled Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girl’s Empowement (IMAGE) aims to ensure a life with dignity for early married girls in Bangladesh by improving their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights ( SRHR ).In this context, IMAGE working for married adolescent girl’s empowerment.

Effect of Child-marriage

Maternal Mortality during childbirth


Post-natal Complication

Unable to continue Education

Isolation and lack of Social Visibility

Unable to engage in Income Generating Activities

Young married girls are more likely to drop out of school and, consequently, miss opportunities in gainful employment later in life. Teenage pregnancy, before the age of physical maturity, increases the risk of birth complications and giving birth to a low-birth-weight baby, which is closely linked to child stunting.

The power imbalance between young brides and their husbands make girls more susceptible to domestic violence and other risks. Overall, early marriage keeps young brides and their children from reaching their full physical, economic, and social potential.

I try to shown my photo story as well as married girls aware of their rights, health condition, social position and their empowering in our society in Bangladesh.I think, in my depth storytelling to make concern and aware world wide audience and policy maker. 

I have been blessed that time and working on this project, the world has started to take notice of the importance of addressing Child Marriage and their human rights.Now there are conferences and gatherings where grassroots organization gather to talk about the issue.To me its quite lovely in that respect through Image Project.

Notes: The project, a work-in-progress . . .


Salina Audio:

Married Adolescent Girl’s Empowerment~ Salina 19 , Married at the age of 16. She said after her marriage suffer more like health complication, sexual relation.So need to stop the child marriage and empowering the girl’s who suffer more . She educated herself and pass the SSC exam. Now she works as a school teacher in the village of Ramchandrapure. Gaibandha, Bangladesh. Photo: Monirul Alam
Married Adolescent Girl’s Empowerment~ Rupali Begum 20, She read in class seven after that she married. She was not wanted as early married but her family do it. She said married girl suffer many complication. She lives with her father’s house. Her husband works abroad. They have two children. Photo: Monirul Alam
Married Adolescent Girl’s Empowerment~ Mazada Khatun 19 , When she was 17 she married to Md Samiul. She said after my marriage I suffer health complication with my eye problem. I think need to change child marriage system. Mazada doing house hold work to support her family. Photo: Monirul Alam
Married Adolescent Girl’s Empowerment~ Hawoa 18, married at the age of 16. She divorce to her husband Sabuj, because Sabuj is a drug addicted person and not doing anything, presently Hawoa live with her child in her father’s house, She wanted to work and established herself. Photo: Monirul Alam
Hawoa Audio :

Photo: Monirul Alam

The Bangladesh government endorsed in draft law on 25 November, 2016 for preventing child marriage fixing 18 years as the minimum age for girls to get married but kept a provision for special circumstances under which girls below the age could tie the knot. Women and rights bodies demanded cancellation of the provision terming it contrary to the very law that has been proposed. According to the draft, men 21 and above could get married and if either the groom or the bride or both are below 21 and 18, it would be considered a child marriage and an offence. [ News Published on 26 November 2016 The Daily Star ] 

Love for Dhaka . . . 


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A circus elephant walk on the street at Shahbagh square during the Valentine’s Day celebrations organized by the Dhaka South City Corporation on 14 February, 2016. In an atmosphere of fun, frolic and festivities, people across the country celebrated the Valentine’s Day It organized an innovative programmed titled “Pranoshokha Dhaka – Love for Dhaka” at Shahbagh intersection, considered the gateway to the DU campus for most of the city dwellers.

পি্রয়া, পূজা আর টাইগারের সংসার . . . 

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ওদের সংসারটা ফুটপাতে ! প্রায় প্রতিদিন নিয়ম করে— ওদের মা’ এই ফুটপাতে রেখে যান ! তারপর—শুরু হয় মানুষের কাছে থেকে কিছু সাহায্য পাওয়ার— অপেক্ষা ! দিনমান এই ফুটপাত যেন— ওদের আপন ঠিকানা, ঘর-সংসার ! এখানেই পরিচয়— বেওয়ারিশ একটি কুকুরের সাথে । ওরা কুকুরটিকে ‘টাইগার’ নামে ডাকে । প্রিয়া—প্রতিবন্ধী, কথা বলতে পারে না, সারাক্ষণ হুইল চেয়ারে বসে থাকে। তার গলায় একটা সাহাযে্যর আবেদন ঝুলতে থাকে ! খুব সুন্দর করে হাসতে পারে— ছোট এই মেয়েটি । হুইল চেয়ারে বসেই কুকুরটিকে আদর করে সে । আমি— এই সব কথা গুলো যার কাছে থেকে জানলাম তার নাম—পূজা । ন্যাড়া মাথার ছোট পূজা, ফুটপাতের উপর একটা কাঁথা বিছিয়ে—সেখানেই শুয়ে পরে—তারপর আকাশের ঠিকানায় তাকিয়ে থাকে ! সেদিন— ওদের ফুটপাতের সংসারটা দেখে এলাম । আহা—ফুটপাতের জীবন . . . 

গুলিস্তান, পুরান ঢাকা

২৬, জানুয়ারী, ২০১৬

Paush Shankranti | Old Dhaka Festival

Bangladeshi young people celebrate a Paush Shankranti in their roof top at old part of Dhaka, Every year on 14 January people celebrate it with joy of happiness.The Paush Shankranti’ is the last day of Bengali month Paush. The day is also known as ‘Makar Sangkranti’ it’s celebrate like India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, young people of the old Dhaka celebrate Shakhrine with colorful kite flying during the day and than fire eating or blowing performances after dark with fireworks,music cracker works. also arranged. 

 The kite fighting gets all the more serious in the afternoon. Even the oldest members of the family join the youth. Meanwhile, different kinds of rice cakes, deserts and confections are made for the occasion. The festival is basically an event of joy, happiness and friendship. The scenes of Shakrain demonstrate the canvas of brotherhood and cheerfulness of old Dhaka dwellers.

According to the solar calendar, on the last day of the Bengali month – ‘Poush’, the sun moves towards its southward (Dakshinayana) journey at the Tropic of Capricorn and starts moving towards the Tropic of Cancer. The day is known as ‘Poush Sangkranti’, also ‘Makar Sangkranti’ all over the world. The day is celebrated by the Hindu community. In Bangladesh, it is more or less celebrated by the people of all religions especially in young community. The festival has been celebrating in here since Mughal period. Perhaps, the history is more primitive. January,2016, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh © Monirul Alam

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