Eyes of the Artiest

Art is the expression of emotions this expression can be expressed through literature, painting, film or any other medium- Naib Uddin Ahmed

This month I visited National Museum gallery at shahabag to see a photography exhibition of our pioneer’s photographer Naib Uddin Ahmed. I was a BPS member, to know his name and not to see his body of works at a time, this exhibition to make me opportunity to see his numerous works. I think this is rear opportunities to observe his works.

Photographs by Naib Uddin Ahmed at the exhibition gallery. Photo:Monirul Alam

As a photographer I am very happy to see his brilliant works and learn more things about his work and to know our past history of Bangladesh through his photographs. I found some of picture his emotional involvements and most of the works is black and white and used medium format camera. This is an artistic display of the people’s life of Bangladesh.

Since than in the forties, fifties and sixties, he preserved in this numerous creative photographs the diverse faces of Bangladesh. In 1971, he took numerous documentary photographs of the freedom fight. Thanks to Progga to organized a weeklong exhibition and published a book of selected photographs by Naib Uddin on the occasion.

Photographs by Naib Uddin Ahmed at the exhibition gallery.Photo:Monirul Alam