Bullet, Blood and Bugle . . .

We want justice without any delay. There is no mercy for such brutality . . .

                                             -Victim’s Family Member

Dhaka, 2009 March- A Officers unable to hold tears the last funeral-Copy Right-Monirul Alam

One year has passed since the heinous massacre of 74 persons including 57 top and mid-ranking army offices. The horrifying memory of the incident is still fresh in the mind of the nation. Family members of the victims of February 25-26 BDR carnage want justice since it is the only thing at present than can their broken souls. (Daily Star 25, 2010)

Dhaka, BDR Headquarters 2009 Feb- The rebel BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) soldiers take position with heavy gun in front of BDR Headquarters in Dhaka. During their blockade of Pilkhana-Copy Right-Monirul Alam

A number of committed soldiers of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) rebelled against their officers on February 25/2009. The mutiny broke out during an open meeting, of the BDR director general, Major General Shakil Ahmed. The occasion was scheduled as part of the BDR Week observance at the border guards’ headquarters at Pilkhana in the heart of Dhaka. As it has transpired from testimonies of surviving officers, the rebellion began with execution of army officers attending the meeting. During their blockade of Pilkhana, 74 people, including 57 army officers, were killed. The mayhem that went on for about those 33 hours left the entire nation in shock.

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