On the frontline of Climate Change| Bangladesh


Rafiqul has been forced to move 22 times in as many years, a victim of the annual floods that ravage Bangladesh. There are millions like Rafiqul,  in Bangladesh and in the future there could be many millions more if scientists’ predictions of rising seas and more intense droughts and storms come true.Climate change touches already every corner of the world and every aspect of people’s lives. As the global temperature increases, its impacts will become even more extreme.The impact of climate change World is already facing food and fuel crises.

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World Bank and IMF have sounded a larger alarm push 100 million people in low-income countries deeper into poverty.Bangladesh is a country that stands to be one of the first to suffer from global climate change. As Dr. Atiq Rahman of the Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies says: “Bangladesh is a resilient country. We have shown the world that we can adapt, that we can confront things, that we are not just passive victims of disasters.”

The IPCC warns of devastating floods, drought, extreme weather, hunger, and disease across the world in decades to come. The Bay of Bengal regularly serves catastrophic cyclones and floods. With few natural resources, bursting cities and poor infrastructure, the small nation is certainly beset with troubles both natural and manmade. But Bangladesh may yet become our best example for how both big and small adoptions can make a difference for people to survive on a warming planet.

 Bangladesh already accelerates it and now a glimpse of everyone’s future.Photojournalist Monirul Alam  as an eyewitness ,he covered in his own country , who struggle against nature .




7 billion Population Campaign in Bangladesh

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 A group of Bangladeshi youth participates a Flash Mob programmes under the campaign of the world population reaches 7 Billion at the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in Dhaka city on 29 Oct. The world’ population will reach at 7 billion on October 2011. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB) is innovative global campaign—7 Billion Actions—to build awareness around the opportunities and challenges of a world of seven billion people. © Monirul Alam


Conflict Series . . .

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Social injustices, Political crises, Ignoring the nature are the common topic of our daily life. We are leaving in a civilized world, as a member of this large civilized society. Most of the time we failed to fell the rhythm between the thought, words and act, every where there is a conflict . . . monirul alam

Hindu Religious Festival DIPABOLI held in Bangladesh

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 26 Oct. 2011. Dhaka Bangladesh-A kids stand infront of his house and devotees lights candle and offers prayer  at 1st day of Dipaboli festival marking Shyama Puja ( Kali Puja) at  Sri Sri Bardesshari Kali Mata temple in Sabusbag Dhaka. A five day Shyama Puja, one of the greatest religious festivals of the Hindu community, will be held around the country of Bangladesh. © Monirul Alam

Last Respect | Rashid Talukder

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 26 Oct. 2011 Dhaka. Bangladesh- Cultural personalities, eminent citizens and his fellow photojournalist paid their last respect to renowned photojournalist at  the Central Shaheed Minar premises in the city on 26 Oct 2011.

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Photojournalist Rashid Talukder, the first Bangladeshi to win prestigious Pioneer Photographer Award, has passed away at a hospital in the city. He was 72. Talukder died at Square Hospital around 6:30pm on Tuesday while undergoing treatment there, his cousin Sheikh Mohammad Sumon told media. He was admitted to the hospital on Oct 19 following a brain stroke. © Monirul Alam


R.I.P. Rashid Talukder, 1939 – 2011

Renowned photojournalist Rashid Talukder, the first Bangladeshi to win prestigious Pioneer Photographer Award, has passed away at a hospital in the city. He was 72. Talukder died at Square Hospital around 6:30pm on Tuesday while undergoing treatment there, his cousin Sheikh Mohammad Sumon told media. He was admitted to the hospital on Oct 19 following a brain stroke.

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Talukder was born on Oct 24, 1939, in Chabbish Pargana, West Bengal, India. He developed interest in photography while he was in school. He began working in the darkroom in 1945 when he was a student of class 8. Talukder joined the Daily Sangbad as a photojournalist in 1962, and has been a press photographer since then, for 46 years. He worked with the Daily Ittefaq for 29 years.

His photographs of the 1971 liberation war are considered invaluable documents. For several decades, he recorded various aspects of Bangladeshi life.

Talukder received several awards and honours at home and abroad. He got a lifetime achievement award at Chobi Mela, an international festival of photography in Dhaka, for his contribution to the field.

His photograph of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s historic speech on March 7, 1971 was nominated for the Encyclopaedia on Southeast Asia, published by Cambridge University, England.

Talukder has been a member of advisory councils of several photographic organisations, including Bangladesh Photographic Society. He is also the founder of the Bangladesh Photo Journalists’ Association.

K*MoPA Worldwide@ Young Portfolio Exhibition held in Japan

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 K* MoPA  Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts send a letter to me, They arranges a group photography exhibition which titled Worldwide@Young Portfolio. They  informed that their latter, The Exhibition dates are from October 22, 2011 to January 29, 2011 in Japan organized by Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts. They acquired through Young Portfolio from 1995 through 2010 is 4,595 works by 651 photographers. From these collections, the 177 works 158 photographers form 32 countries were selected to showcase the variety of photographic expressions and the change we have seen during the last sixteen years. They also said their latter, we believe that this is outstanding collection of photography by young generation. They also send a postcard and list of exhibits works.  I am very happy and thanks to K*MoPA to their fantastic initiative. For more information please visit : http://yp.kmopa.org/

Fourth South Asia Economic Summit held in Bangladesh

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 23 Oct. 2011. Dhaka. Bangladesh- A Photojournalist took picture when A Bangladeshi Finance Ministers AMA MUHITH  delivers his speech at inauguration of the Forth Asia Economic Summit at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in Dhaka on 22 Oct. The Center for Policy Dialogue has organized the two-day summit, which ending today, A high-profile meet to discuss some key challenges in the region. © Monirul Alam

Chlorine gas leak

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 16.10.2011. Keraniganj. Dhaka. Bangladesh-  Inside the factory some chemical left on the floor after leaks gas pipe. At least 50 people, including 12 firemen, have been sickened after a pipe of the chlorine unit of a chemical factory at outskirts of capital in  Keraniganj has leaked. The pipe of the chlorine unit of Global Heavy Chemical Company Limited, owned by one Sabur Khan, leaked around 9am on Sunday, South Keraniganj police chief Sakhawat Hossain  said to media. © Monirul Alam