Ap Publication December 2011

AP Publication: Bangladesh General Strick December 2011

Bangladesh General Strike

 Bangladeshi firefighters spray water on a police vehicle set afire during a strike by opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party, led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, is protesting a government decision to divide Dhaka into two administrative zones, a plan they say is aimed at removing the opposition-backed mayor. (AP Photo/Monirul Alam) © Monirul Alam http://monirul.photoshelter.com/

msnbc Publication Nov. 2011

MSNBC the week in pictures November 2011


Light of spirit

Hindu devotees seated with lights pray, Nov. 5, in front of the Shri Shri Baba Lokanath Brahmachar Ashram in Dhaka, Bangladesh, during their fast. Brahmachar lived in the 12th century and is now a household deity for millions of families. He is regarded as a saint by Hindus, sometimes even considered to be a living god.  © Monirul Alam http://monirul.photoshelter.com/