Megh’s Injury & Father Day . . .

© Monirul Alam

17 June 2012 Dhaka. Bangladesh- Early in the morning MEGH my sweet baby my love bab beta (2 years and 11 month) phone me and said, “Happy Father Day bab beta ( we call each other  BAP BETA) and I love you BABA and I reply him in that days at evening I received a call from his Mami (anti) she said MEGH left on the floor . . . I am really upset and move to him . . .

His mother BUBLE said when he walks on the slippery floor in the room suddenly he left and his head slapped with water jar. He rush to the hospital for his head injury during his treatment he needs two stenches in his head, Dr. said now he is suspicion free. Hope as soon he will recover his all pain. Please everyone pry for our sweet  baby. © Monirul Alam

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