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© Monirul Alam

I ride my motorbike full of speed! Yes, now Dhaka city is almost empty no traffic jams in the main road, except a few of bas, train and launch terminal. The residences of Dhaka were leave on to their village ahead of Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration with their loved ones.

Yes, within twenty minutes we (my fellow photojournalist Abir Abdullah, works with epa) went at airport train station. We came here to takes photos for our news coverage. I look around on the station number of home bound people is waiting for train with their luggage.

The commuter train will become form the Dhaka station and go to other district. On the station I look around a group of garment worker sit on the station platform and they are gossiping each other.  I talked with them, one of garment workers Rehana Begum said, we are waiting for Dawangonj based train, we know inside the train full of passengers, we don’t have any other alternate way to go our village; so we prepared to ride on the train roofs for our Eid traveling- we are used too, that kind of journey.

© Monirul Alam

When the train is arrive on the station, I just look around it is already full of passenger inside and a few passenger sits on the roof of the train while I saw- Rehana climb up on the train roof, her other fellow helps him to ride on the train roof, I think it is risking journey for her but she is still smiling. I took many pictures on the station during the people movements- within a few minutes the train left on the station. I look back on the train its  full of passenger on the roof.

When we back from the train station, I looked on the station floor a mini cat stands on the empty newspapers shop, a beautiful light is fallen on, a mini cat is really enjoying with morning light- my camera is played on, I cannot find the shop owner may be he is busy with other things; I think- maybe other story will be started  . . .

18 August, 2012 Dhaka

moniurl alam