Shooter Diaries 27 May 2015 

27 May 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh | A group of Garo Indigenous students use black ribbon in there mouth and bring out a silent protest against gang rape in front of the National Museum in the capital of Dhaka on 27 May. They protesting the gang-rape of Indigenous Garo girl inside a microbus in Kuril, Uttara on 21 May at night. According to the Rapid Action Battalion ( RAB) press conference official said they arrested two man who was in involved over gang-rape of a women. Photo by Monirul Alam 



Shooter Diaries  27 May 2015

27 May 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh | An old age man  drink a green coconut in the old part of Dhaka city during the heatwave swept across the country in Bangladesh. According to the AFP news at least 800 people have died in a major heatwave that swept across the  neighbor country in India. Photo by Monirul Alam 


Shooter Diaries 27 May 2015

27 May 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh | A top view of old Dhaka road in Malitola square. Old Dhaka is to the historic old city of Dhaka, the capital of modern Bangladesh It was founded in 1608 as Jahangir Nagar the capital of Mughal Bengal. It was one of the largest and most prosperous cities of the Indian subcontinent and the center of the worldwide muslim trade. The Nawab of Bengal shifted the capital from Dhaka to Murshidabad in the early-1700s. With the rise of British Calcutta, Dhaka began to stagnate and came to be known as the “City of Magnificent Ruins”. The British however began to develop the modern city from the mid-19th century. Photo by Monirul Alam 


PRIVATE | Book Project 

Dhaka, Bangladesh. Megh’s school close down this week for summer holidays, We decided to visit a short trips in Gazipur, outskirts of Dhaka. It’s name Chuti resort and picnic spot. We spend in one night’s and day. Pleasure is a big gift from nature is here,you can loose yourself and than find yourself again  it’s call a magic and love. I think it’s place is an  unlimited pleasure, our little family members are really enjoy and exciting to visit this place. I am try to capture their beautiful moment and having to use my book project name PRIVATE. Photo by Monirul Alam