PRIVATE | Book Project 

Dhaka, Bangladesh. Megh’s school close down this week for summer holidays, We decided to visit a short trips in Gazipur, outskirts of Dhaka. It’s name Chuti resort and picnic spot. We spend in one night’s and day. Pleasure is a big gift from nature is here,you can loose yourself and than find yourself again  it’s call a magic and love. I think it’s place is an  unlimited pleasure, our little family members are really enjoy and exciting to visit this place. I am try to capture their beautiful moment and having to use my book project name PRIVATE. Photo by Monirul Alam


Shooter Diaries @ 22 May 2015

I loved and like to see the sculpture, It reflects culture, history and time. During our road trips to Gazipur I saw it again in Gazipur Square and taken a picture. It’s name ‘Jagroto Chowrongi’ made by artist Abdur Razzaque, it is the first post-Liberation War sculpture. It depicts a Freedom Fighter with a grenade in his right and a rifle in his left hand. The sculpture is an 18 feet high concrete piece on a 24 feet pedestal. Photo by Monirul Alam