The festival of Faith . . . 

13 April, 2017 Munshigonj, Bangladesh- Hindu community devotees dance and attend as they take part in a festival called Lal Kach Red Glass during the last day of the Bangla month in outskirts of Dhaka in Munshigonj, April 13, 2017, Bangladesh. As the month of Chaitra, the last in the Bangla year, draws to an end, the Hindu community in Abdullahpur, Munshiganj, comes together in a festival dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The festival is well known for the local community for more than hundred years. The Hindu youth and men paint themselves with red color and attend a procession holding swords as they show power against evil and welcome the Bengali New Year 1424 on 14 April 2017.  

Note: Need HD quality for MEDIA publication please contact

Monirul Alam / WITNESS PHOTO

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