Asia’s Cesarean Phenomenon 

© Monirul Alam / WITNESS PHOTO

Photojournalism: Bangladeshi doctor examines a baby girl born after an half-hours by C-section or caesarean delivery at the local hospital in Bangladesh on July 2017. In some cases, C-sections are planned because of medical reasons that make a vaginal birth risky. While the World Health Organization recommends a C-section rate of 10-15% of total births in the developing world, the figure is often much higher. National Institute of Population Research and Training’s Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey 2014 said that the percentage of births delivered by C-section has been increasing over time, from 4 per cent in 2004, to 9 per cent in 2007 and to the current level of 23 per cent in 2014. © Monirul Alam / WITNESS PHOTO July 2017 Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

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