Witness My Time . . .

Hindu devotees sits with lamps and pray at the Shri Shri Lokanath Brahmachar Ashram temple during the Rakher Upobash in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 10 November 2018. © Monirul Alam

I thinks it’s a —Light Pray Worship events ! The environment gradually turn from darkness to light. As an eyewitness I delighted to observed it, last week I was their and to do coverage a beautiful events. It’s Hindu religious worship.They called  “Rakher Upobash” or “Kartik Brati”. 

I takes on my position and than closely observe the events. The ritual begins after a day long fast to all devotees has been going to their temple for join worship during the worship they carries with earth made oil lamps, banana leaves, various fruits, holy book with all religious manners; they sits on the temple ground and than praying with sacred songs and music; they pray for their love ones, the environment creates with smoke and spiritual sprit, after their prayers then they brake fast.

Lokenath Brahmachari who is called Baba Lokenath was an 18th century Hindu saint and philosopher in Bengal. Sometimes he is even considered to be a living god. Hindu devotees fast and pray in earnest to the gods for their favors during the ritual traditionally. #Dhaka #Bangladesh