Pictures & Words / Short trip to Cox’s Bazar. . .

Good bye Cox’s bazar, my footsteps to the longest natural sea beach in the world. For me the magnitude of the seashore are always fascinate to seeing its views and spending times on the beautiful seashore.

And finally thanks to all of my friends and administrative personnel with their cooperation. And I had to stop for three nights to the hotel Shaibal, such a lovely place and with their pleasant companion, goodbye for now and hope to see you again . . .

Diary / August, 2022

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

© Monirul Alam

POD | Zuma Press 16 May 2013

©Monirul Alam
©Monirul Alam

May 16, 2013 – Chittagong, Bangladesh – Bangladeshi police urge people to move to safer areas ahead of the arrival of tropical cyclone Mahasen in Chittagong, Bangladesh. People living in coastal areas in Bangladesh and Myanmar are being evacuated as cyclone Mahasen is expected to make landfall late Thursday or early Friday, according to news reports. (Credit Image: © Monirul Alam/

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