One Conjoined twin dies after separation

One Conjoined twin dies after separation
A sister is taking care Bonya at neo-natal Intensive Care Unit who is one of survivor after a critical operation. Borsha and Bonya conjoined twins sister separated seven-hour long surgical operation at the BSMMU (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University) hospital while Borsha is died on 7 August at the hospital about seven and half hour operation. Six teams of 68 members including over 40 doctors took part in the surgery to separation the twins. The twins were conjoined at their livers, intestines and gallbladders, chest bones and abdomen. Twins babies were born at Rabeya Clinic in Gaibanda on March 24 this year. Their mother Shahanaz Begum, nurse and father Golam Kibria, school teacher in Gaibanda district. In Bangladesh survivals of conjoined twins is very rear.  5 August Dhaka 2008 Bangladesh. ©Monirul Alam  

Photo:Monirul Alam

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