Santal Revolution | Observed in 155 Years

Many indigenous people who fled from their homes remained out in the open in deep forest after the army crackdown on the rebels. An eerie calm engulfed the areas after martial law was proclaimed on July 19, 1855. The Rajmahal hills were drenched with blood and all Santal villages were razed. The captured santals were made railway construction labour in chains. In 1856, the Santal leaders were captured and executed and the rebellion subsided.

We pay a tribute to the Santal martyrs who died a heroic death for the establishment of their rights. They fought with revolutionary zeal to flush out the intruders and their local agents. According to newspaper reports politicians and lawyers observed Santal revolution day on June 28, demanding constitutional recognition and separate land commission for the ethnic minorities.

The state must ensure establishment of the rights of the indigenous people. Bangladesh Adivasi Adhikar Andolon organised a day-long program in observance of the 155th anniversary of the Santal revolution. The program ended with a cultural function.


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