Coil Factory Fire kills 5 | Dhaka

That winter night  (24 Dec,2010) I was in office and doing my work. Suddenly  I received a phone from Air Port area, one residents told me, that  they saw a huge fire on the sky not to understood what is happening but they think maybe  is plane crash or something is happened.  Do you know what is happened ? I said him we look after the matter and informed you latter. . .

Yes, Somethings is happened fire service and our other sources said, A coil factory explotation in Khilkhet area of Dhaka city. I reached on the spot within half an hour and covered it . . .

Local people and fire fights jointly work and removed burn bodies from the factory. A devastating fire, followed by an explosion, in a mosquito coil factory in Dhaka, khilkhat has killed at least five workers.The fire erupted at Coil Factory at Namapara around 9:30pm and was followed by a loud explosion. Fire chief Abu Nayeem Mohammed Shahidullah told reporters at the scene that they had recovered five charreds bodies. Copy Right: Monirul Alam

Hole area is black out huge number of eager  people rush on the area to observed the situation. The security person stand on the spot and firefighters all ready works. I saw one charred body lie-in on the road with a pice  of cloth after that I enter the factory.

A groups of firefighter and local people work in the factory. Inside the room is more darker only firefighters work their own light and local people work their mobile lit,  suddenly one people shout, “don’t  go to the next step” ! I stooped and saw another charred bodies left in front of me. After that I am working more carefully.

I saw more than three  cheered bodies on the factory and it is difficult to identify.  The hole factory broken out huge number of burn spray cans left on the factory. Suddenly I wet by a firefighters water.

My news editor is just waiting for my news photos I left the area on the way to my office . . .

According to the  news at least five workers were burnt alive and six others severely injured, in a coil ( anti-mosquito coil and spray warehouse) factory, as a  fire broken out in  Khilkhet Namapara area last night. The fire started around 9.30 pm and gutted the factory within half an hour. The injured person’s rush to admitted  the Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Fire fighters, who reached the site and recovered five charred bodies form the spot. The dead could’t be identified immediately. One injured  told reports the fire broken out when the workers were removing chemicals form date-expired cans using a machine.

On June 3,  the National inferno claimed the lives of 123 people in the capital and afterwards the government took several measure  to ensure that flammable chemical are not handle or stored in populated areas.

Update ( 27 Dec, 2010): Death toll from the fire at Khilkhet coil factory warehouse rose to eight. as another injured worker has died Iqbal Hossain, 26. Earlier, the victims who died in the blaze at the factory were identified as Anwar Hossain, 23, Russel, 17, Yousuf, 25, Tofazzal, 20, Aminur, 25, Almas, 25 and Jewel.