The People’s Struggle | Climate Change in Bangaldesh | Publication

Rafiqul has been forced to move 22 times in as many years, a victim of the
annual floods that ravage Bangladesh. There are millions like Rafiqul in
Bangladesh and in the future there could be many millions more if
scientists’ predictions of rising seas and more intense droughts and storms
come true. Bangladesh is a country that stands to be one of the first to
suffer from global climate change, and the time to act is now.
Climate change already touches every corner of the world and every aspect of
people’s lives. As global temperatures increase, its impact will become even
more extreme. The impact of climate change worldwide is already causing food
and fuel crises. World Bank and IMF have sounded a larger alarm pushing 100
million people in low-income countries deeper into poverty.

In Bangladesh we are seeing rice-crises first hand every day. The long
queues on the roadside subsidizing rice sale centers are probably an
indication of the coming hunger, when 30 million people will face
starvation. In Bangladesh natural disasters like SIDR, river erosion,
drought and flood mass migration of people from the countryside to the
cities. Experts say a third of Bangladesh’s coastline could be flooded if
the sea rises one meter in the next 50 years, creating an additional 20
million Bangladeshi displaced from their homes and farms.

Photodocumentary / photojournal by Bangledeshi and Deputy chief photojournalist for
The Daily Prothom Alo newspaper, Monirul Alam

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