Turn Human Sea | Eid Journey in Bangladesh

Thousand of Bangladeshi people along with mass garment workers are leaving from the capital of Dhaka, on Tuesday. They are going to their home town is in celebrating Eid-ul-Fitar. Eid-ul-Fitar is the largest Muslim’s religious festival. After the whole month of fasting in Ramadan the Muslim’s around the world will be celebrate their religious festival.

A number of home bound people are waiting in a airport railway station for train. But the train is not to come on time, because of rush schedule and mismanagement said a passenger Ahmed, who are waiting for train, he around on the station an one and half hour’s for waiting Rangpure Express.

When the train arrives is in station, it’s already overcrowded look like a human sea. Within a few minutes people rush on the train and agitate each other when they ride on the train roof. A garments worker, Shafali Bagum said, we are straggling on the way of our risky  journey, but we are finally happy to go to our home and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitar with our loved  ones.”  Reports, monirul alam, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 30 September 2011.