my year in review | 2011


© Hafizun Nahar

Highlights of the Year 2011

I celebrated my kids [MEGH] 2nd birthday which is held on 1st July. I am very happy and really enjoy and spend times with my love ones baby.

I uploaded my new works and project on my Web Site

I attend a Human Rights workshop which conduct on Drik and   Published my Photo Story “ A Deadly Game” and Exhibition in Drik Gallery, “”  in the Drik Gallery

France 24 television channel Observers Published some of my importance multimedia news which I covered

Several times I traveled our district town covered on assignment for our news paper Prothom Alo and my works published.

I experienced to observed  a  great photographers Pedro Meyer   presentation and attend  his workshop  he is the owner of  Zone Zero Which I knows more about digital photography and photographer point of view. This presentation conduct by Pathshala & Drik during the Chobi Mela VI International Festival of Photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I continued my teaching at Pathshala as a lecturer which I really enjoy with met to a new students and I also participated as a guest lectures on a private televishion named Dedh Tv,the programmed name DUR PATH.

I am work with ZUMA PRESS as a contact photographer in this year on the month of September.

I think Two Thousand Twelve year will bring  peace, promises, success  and happiness to all of us and from the past year which is worst we forget it.

Happy New Year 2012 to all . . . moniurl alam



Look Back in 2011

© Monirul Alam


Open your eyes, look within, Are you satisfied with the life you’re living ?


About Bob Marle

Bob Marley

 Date of Birth: February 06, 1945 Date of Death: May 11, 1981 Robert “Bob” Marley was lead singer and guitarist for the ska and reggae bands The Wailers and Bob Marley & The Wailers. Marley’s music was highly influential, not only in the world of reggae which he largely defined, but also introducing the Rastafarian movement to a worldwide audience. Many of his songs featured the struggles of the powerless and the poor, as well as preaching Rastafarian themes such as brotherhood and peace for all mankind. His songs, including I Shot the Sheriff, No Woman, No Cry and Redemption Song, rocketed up the charts. Following his death in 1981, Marley’s posthumously released album, Legend, became reggae’s best-selling album of all time, selling 20 million copies worldwide.


Hot Air Balloon Show in Dhaka Sky

© Monirul Alam

 28.Dec.2011. Dhaka. Bangladesh- Bangladesh kite Federation organized a hot air balloon show in Dhaka sky at outer stadium in Dhaka city. The organizer said to local media this is the first time fly this kind of Balloon show in Bangladesh. The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology. It is in a class of aircraft known as balloon aircraft. © Monirul Alam

History of Hot Air Balloon

On the 19th September 1783 Pilatre De Rozier, a scientist, launched the first hot air balloon called ‘Aerostat Reveillon’. The passengers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster and the balloon stayed in the air for a grand total of 15 minutes before crashing back to the ground.The first manned attempt came about 2 months later on 21st November, with a balloon made by 2 French brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier. The balloon was launched from the centre of Paris and flew for a period of 20 minutes. The birth of hot air ballooning!!! 

© Monirul Alam


Just 2 years later in 1785 a French balloonist, Jean Pierre Blanchard, and his American co pilot, John Jefferies, became the first to fly across the English Channel. In these early days of ballooning, the English Channel was considered the first step to long distance ballooning so this was a large benchmark in ballooning history. Unfortunately, this same year Pilatre de Rozier (the world’s first balloonist) was killed in his attempt at crossing the channel. His balloon exploded half an hour after takeoff due to the experimental design of using a hydrogen balloon and hot air balloon tied together.


The next major pivotal point in balloon history was on January 7th 1793. Jean Pierre Blanchard became the first to fly a hot air balloon in North America. George Washington was present to see the balloon launch. Now a large jump in time, of over 100 years: In August of 1932 Swiss scientist Auguste Piccard was the first to achieve a manned flight to the Stratosphere. He reached a height of 52,498 feet, setting the new altitude record. Over the next couple of years, altitude records continued to be set and broken every couple of months – the race was on to see who would reach the highest point.

© Monirul Alam

In 1935 a new altitude record was set and it remained at this level for the next 20 years. The balloon Explorer 2, a gas helium model reached an altitude of 72,395 feet (13.7 miles)! For the first time in history, it was proven that humans could survive in a pressurized chamber at extremely high altitudes. This flight set a milestone for aviation and helped pave the way for future space travel.The Altitude record was set again in 1960 when Captain Joe Kittinger parachute jumped from a balloon that was at a height of 102,000 feet. The balloon broke the altitude record and Captain Kittinger, the high altitude parachute jump record. He broke the sound barrier with his body! Source:

Christmas in Bangladesh 2011

.© Monirul Alam

 Santa Claus brings kids presents and plays during Christmas celebrations at Sonargaon Hotel in the capital of Bangladesh. The Christian community in Bangladesh and around the world celebrated Christmas commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.

© Monirul Alam


Christmas is the biggest religious festival of the Christians and it is also a celebration of rebirth, new beginning, forgiveness and peace, and renewing relationship with the God and humans. According to Christan belief,Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ,the Sin of God, in a stable in the city of Bethlehem on this day.© Monirul Alam

Thousands pay respects to AL leader Abduur Razzak

.© Monirul Alam

 25 Dec. 2011. Dhaka. Bangladesh- Thousands of people paid their last respects to the veteran politician on Sunday at Centeak shaheed miner in Dhaka city. Veteran Awami League leader ABDUR RAZZAK, one of the key organizers of Bangladesh’s Liberation War in 1971, breathed his last at a London hospital yesterday, thus bringing a 50-year illustrious career in politics to a close. He was 69. © Monirul Alam


Street People Keeping Warm in Dhaka

© Monirul Alam

 Dec. 23, 2011 – Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladeshi street people warm themselves with fire in a cold  wave in Dhaka city. A cold blast has been sweeping across the country, leaving the homeless, elderly and babies vulnerable to the ravages of the winds and quite unable to cope with the calling of daily life. According to the local media report in the last four days, at least 27 people died of cold-related afflictions in Thakurgaon, Jamalpur, Jessore, Rangpur and Satkhira district.© Monirul Alam

Cold Wave Sweeping In Bangladesh

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 21 Dec. 2011.Coxbazar. An Old age man cross the road in the winter morning at Cox Bazar in Ramu area.  South part of Bangladesh- Cold wave has been sweeping through various parts of the country for the last few days. Causing deaths and disrupting communications due to fog and poor visibility, looks set to continue. The wind blowing from the Himalayas has intensified the cold in the northern region of the country. The lowest temperature in the country was recorded yesterday in Jessore where mercury went down to 10.3 degrees Celsius. In the capital, it was 12.5 degrees C. © Monirul Alam

Nation paying tribute to martyred intellectuals in Bangladesh

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 14.Dec 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh- People from all walks of life reiterated the demand for trial of the war criminals as they paid tribute to the martyred intellectuals on Wednesday at Mirpur Martyred Intellectual Monument . On this day in 1971, the Pakistani occupation forces and their local collaborators including Al-Badr, Al-Shams and Razakars brutally killed the country’s leading intellectuals, just two days ahead of the final victory. © Monirul Alam