Last Tribute to Pay my President | Zillur Rahman

22 March 2013

Jatiya Eidgha,Dhaka,Bangladesh

So far I remember I took several pictures in his Gulshan residence in the period of caretaker government and lastly I took his pictures 2011 when UN’s chief Ban-ki Moon was visited in Bangladesh. May  I get another change to takes his pictures, during the last year International Mother Language day ( 21 february shaheed debosh) in central shaheed miner  BUT bad luck, He was fallen sick and not to attended that program. Finally he passes away on 20 march 2013 in Singapore mount Elizabeth Hospital . . .

Yes, I stand at Jatiya Eidgha ground to  pays last tributes to our Honorable 19th President Zillur Rahman, 84 year old.who was died on 20 March, 2013 in Mount Elizabeth Hospital with critical lung infections and other complications .The government has declared three-day mourning beginning Thursday, along with the main opposition BNP has been observing a three-day mourning. The national flag has since been flying  half mast across the country building and the Bangladesh mission abroad. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, said to media, The country had lost guardian but word could not describe it.

His 2nd Janaza is take place at these ground, I see thousand of people attend a funeral prayers, that day is Friday, People attend his Nama-a-Janaza after Jumma prayers.Number of media already take there places for coverage at this event along with live telecast.

Around at 2.30 pm, his body came form the President residence to Jatiya Eidgha, a jeep caring his coffin, draped  in a national flag. All walks people including high profile took part in a Janaza. After the Janaza leaders recalled their memory with the veteran politician. Many broke down in tires last tributes through placing wreath on the coffin. Finally  his body carrying to buried at Gulshan graveyard  to eternal rest with full state honor, he buried  at his wife Ivy Rahman’s grave, Ivy Rahman died in the 21 August 2004 grenade attacks on an Awami League rally in the capital of Dhaka.

Presindent Zillur Rahman born in March 9, 1929 in Kishoreganj. who was elected member of Parliament in Bhairab 1973, 1986, 1996, 2001 and 2008. Zillur took office as the 19th president of Bangladesh

on February 2009.

Lastly, I took his pictures and than his coffin passing in front of mine, I lie down my camera and said, good buy my honorable president . . .

I pray to almighty Allah to grant him

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