The Mystery Lives . . .


[The Mystery Lives ] is a long journey in my photography life. I try to captured unguarded moment of lives which is surround me. As a visual storyteller, during my photographic journey always try to look around for exploration images as it is naturally spring themselves in the world around me. In the process to stablished my personal ethical point of view. If we believe in the narration of images , then we must have faith in the arguments, accepting others opinions however hurtful they might be.

In these photography project is not the linear stories, it is and individual images which is a separate narration and mystery, mystery of lives . Here I am saying one example if you close to see my images, you see an individual narration. One images shown a body burn in a cremation programmed,one of my closed friends who dead in a road accident. We observed in midnight in front of mine my friends body was burn, within an hours he was vanishing, he never come again in our world again, an other images shown a new born baby arrive and he look around me, I look his eyes it a big mystery ! these two picture is shown us different narration, but somehow it is inter links, someone arrive someone departure, it is the natural process, but we don’t know but it’s a big mystery.

We try to observed on the way of life that is understood but not to explainable some times it is big mystery because only those who have turned themselves to photography know that satisfaction. I hope that these powerful visual narration and psychological think on viewers to there own lives .

-Monirul Alam / Photojournalist, Artist, Filmmaker
Old Dhaka, Bangladesh
July, 2015

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