Displacement & Migration

Actually I documented past five years under theme of “climate refugee of Bangladesh”. For my project I went to the north part of Bangladesh located Kurigram district, Musullir Char near Dharla River which is link with the Bank of River Jamuna. People are commonly known Monga area. I documented their lifestyle and struggling position, my observation is that, they are already migrant and displace their original root.
Finally I get down that area, huge number of people around me and looking my camera they are very curious about my camera specially children. May  be first time they see this kind of camera. I spent more time and listen their problem. An old age man Rafiqul said, “We only depend on Allah. You are the first visitor to arrive this area, No one can visit our area but we survive, we struggle very inhuman life.”
Rising sea levels and the growing number of natural disasters forced by climate change are already driving migration and displacement. What I am doing for them. I think through my photo stories to make awareness the world’s people who are doing something for them. This is one of my selected photos which I use my blog. October 2005, Kurigrame, Bangladesh

Displacement & Migration
Photo:Monirul Alam

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