Walk on the Red Curpet

The theme of the Fashion Show was Projapoti (Bengali for Butterfly) facing the courage from within. The Fashion Show was presented by acid survivors together with the Australian Youth Ambassadors and students from the NSU Earth Club. Together they walked on the red carpet to show that “We can equal to each other” and “together we can make difference”

Dhaka December 2009. The Ramp model walks on the red carpet show. Copy Right-Monirul Alam

Acid violence not only affects people physically and emotionally, it also has a devastating long-term effect on their economic and social life. Survivors face discrimination social inequality and a lack of opportunity. Bangladesh is the witness off the highest number of acid attack related incident.

Dhaka December 2009. A portrait of acid survivors at red carpet show. Copy Right-Monirul Alam

2 thoughts on “Walk on the Red Curpet

  1. Well done to post this – Rehabilitating survivors into society remains a challenge but we are not willing to forgo this and the fashion show is highly symbolic of the resilience of the survivors rather like the “projapoti” ie the butterfly they emerge stronger defiant of the perpetrators.

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