Rashid Talukder wins 2010 Pioneer Photographer Award

known as Rayer Bazar Boddho Bhumi. During the Liberation War thousands of civilians especially Intellectuals were killed by the Pakistani Military in this place. Dhaka, Bangladesh. December 16, 1971.Copy Right-Rashid Talukder

Recently I receive good news for all of our Bangladeshi nationality. Our legendary and master photographers of Bangladesh Rashid Talukder have won the 2010 Pioneer Photographer Award in the All Roads Photography program.

The All Roads Film Project is a National Geographic program dedicated to providing a platform for indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture storytellers from around the world to showcase their works to promote knowledge, dialogue, and understanding with a broader, global audience.

Drik Picture Library is to announce their press release and also announce that this is the first time a Bangladeshi photographer wins this world-renowned award.

Among his remarkable works are the images documenting Bangladesh’s war of independence in 1971. For several decades, he has documented various aspects of Bangladeshi life with his camera, and his images will remain as an important visual archive of the events and happenings in both pre and post war Bangladesh.

Dhaka June 2005. I took Rashid Talukder Portrait during the hortal hour at Russel square Dhaka. Copy Right-Monirul Alam

2 thoughts on “Rashid Talukder wins 2010 Pioneer Photographer Award

  1. Rashid Talukder,my elder brother,I am proude to him.Though
    he never took any arms to his hands,through his photos and news he took part to liberation war and thus he paid the highest honour to the country and to the people. He is a real freedom fighter and country should pay honour to him.

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