my baby’s Journey | First Birthday July 2010

© Monirul Alam

Love my dear faado baba  you are my earth . . . I am so proud of you . . . Long live you my dear little baby . . .  best wishes to your 1st birthday.

we celebrate megh ( our son’s) 1st birthday, to me it is more special.  I really enjoy every moment. Once time I see my baby is watching what is happened probably he viewed the birthday celebration as an unnecessary interruption of his playtime.

He is really angry and crying and his mom’s is not to control him- when he cut his birthday cake and once time he remove his  dress after that he is pleasing. I really enjoy all this moment and took many picture. It is really happy day for our  family.

Here I say one thing  It is the day of  identity of born. I really fell it is the history day who is born and first day enter in our beautiful planet.

-monirul alam / dhaka

1st July 2010, Thursday, 5.30 pm