Footsteps & Moist Soil . . .

Buriganga River. January. 2006. Daily Life © Monirul Alam

A few years ago. I went their, the place name is Trimomone south part of Dhaka beside Buriganga river with my other fellow photographers  to takes some environmental picture which we use our environmental reporting , anyway we started our journey with engine-boat within half an our we find that beautiful place.

At these time the  light is very favor to us, we stop our boat and than take  photos suddenly, I found a number of foot steps on  moist soil and the area is quite silent. Some time i saw a few ferryboats cross the narrow river canal. We all really enjoy that moment and took pictures too.That day  I use my Nikon D 70 dslr camera with short Zoom lens.  I am quite happy to see the result and share with you.


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