Smuggle 220 Spices than Seize in Dhaka

©Monirul Alam
A parakeet try to scape form the cage but failed ©Monirul Alam

I received a phone call from my colleague Kamol da, he said Monir bhai, at this moment I know one news, a number of birds recovered from Mirpure area now that birds at Ban Vhaban Wildlife and Nature Conservation Circle of frost department at Mohakahli Dhaka.

I start to move from my house into the Ban Vaban, locally popularity name,  today’s is holiday for Janmashtami so the city road is not too rush, I smoothly drive my motorcycle  and went there in time.

I am really upset to see of them, more than two hundred birds on the kept three cages and left on the floor in front of the Ban Vhaba. All most birds are look’s very poor condition. I saw two parrots already died and rest of them were dozing and a few as well as good. I think it may be the long journey or not to friendly environment, or whatever who to know.

I took several pictures with video all of them, and again observe very closely. A few of bird’s color is quite good but rest of them lost their color’s and become sick,they shout and try to escape form the cages but failed and some one is fights each other, some bird’s looking me as very angry mood, I don’t know why?

After completed to taking pictures, than I make a interview with Dhaka Wild Life Crime Control Unite who was present in the rescue time, his name is Salek Ahmed Mollah, assistant range forest officer in Dhaka Sadar.

He said after our secret information, we stay in Abdullahpur embankment and then further inform, we move to  bas terminal at Gabtoli and then follow him his CNG drove from Gabtoli to Mirpure, But somehow the trader doubting us and then dump the cages into the road at Mirpur 13, and then he escaped after that we size all birds.

According to the Wild Crime Control Unite of the forest Department, Their team recovered 220 birds, 142 were Indian Hanging Parrots, 70 Black-headed Munias,6 Rose Ring Parakeets and 2 Blossom-headed Parakeets. Wildlife and Nature Conservation Circle of frost department Dr. Tapan Kumar Dey said, Among the birds were set free at Bangabandhu Safari Park in Gazipure after suggesting of Veterinary surgeon and wild life expert.

Reports: Monirul Alam

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