Certificate Giving . . .

http://www.monirulnews.com ©Salek Khokon
http://www.monirulnews.com ©Salek Khokon

Finally We received our certificate from brac and pathshala, during our certificate giving ceremony on 19th April, 2014, at the BRAC University hall with the faculty members of BRAC vice Chancellor Prof. Ainun Nishat , Prof. Firdous Azim, Head of the Department English  and PATHSHALA Arnob Chakarrbarty , Head of the Department  Broadcast and Cross-Media, Muhammad Aminnuzzaman, Faculty member with all participants Fall-2013  to  take poses for group photos. The BRAC University and PATHSHALA in Collaboration with Erasmus University, Rotterdam the Netherlands organized a  Post-Graduation Certificate Course in Broadcast & Cross-Media Journalism. Photo Credit by Salek Khokon

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