[Shooter Diaries] 2014, April

http://www.monirulnews.com ©Monirul Alam
http://www.monirulnews.com ©Monirul Alam

[Shooter Diaries] 2014

I was returning my #home from #Mirpure to #Old Dhaka #Patla #Khan #Lane with my motor bike a while I stop it in #Kakrail road near the #willes Little Flower #School & #College to observed the #thunder lighting and than #shooting it, finally I got into #thunderstorm after that a few minutes I went to my #roof top and than try again, I was luck to make a few shots, I try my best and hook it and of course my mother #nature favor me. During my editing time my sweet baby MEGH like this black and white one. Photo by Monirul Alam @meghmonir

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© Monirul Alam


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