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That day was a very hot summer, recently heat wave sweeping enter the country of Bangladesh. I was their to coverage on assignment Human Chain and Rally against ‘Human Trafficking’ it organized by the Socialist Labour Forum in Bangladesh. I saw a number of activists and leaders was present their some activist holding poster, (  poster shown trafficking victims images and written their demand ) they use also banner and some activists distribute their leaflets to the commuters and media persons. They started there programs leader’s  addressing their space with their demand very positively and logically to the  attention of the government of Bangladesh.

I saw and catch my interest one pregnant women holding a poster; She sweating due to the hot summer, her name is Hamida, I shortly talked with her and pointing my question. She said, she came here with his leader  and  stand here, we demand that the government identify the human trafficking gangs immediately and ensure the harsh punishment for them through trail to stop the evil crimes. I talked to other activists they  said the same demand, government should takes necessary step to bring back those victims to their homeland. Finally the rally started from national press club Dhaka to Dainik Bangla square Dhaka, Bangladesh on 04 June, 2015.

Accourding to the recent media follow up reports to the  ‘Human Trafficaking  Issue’ catch the international leaders attention and takes such innatiative to solved these problem safe huminity. Poverty, unemployment, and inability to support the families are the causes drives them to Migration to South-East Asian countries of Thailand,Malaysia and Indonesia of poor Bangladeshi people said Selim Uddin, a migrant from Chuadanga,now he jail in Thailand according to the media report. Hundreds of mass graves and detention camps of human trafficking victims in these countries have revealed the unprecedented brutality of this form of modern day slavery. A report by the Daily Prothom Alo newspaper claims that people from 15 district of Bangladesh have been detained in Thailand detention camp. Rogigay Muslim from Myanmar are also major victims of human trafficking. However, there is a big difference between the Rohingya’s and the Bangladesh. Due to continuous communal violence Rohingya Muslims were almost annihilated by the Buddhists and government forces,and expelled from their country.  

According to the UN, 25,000 people from Myanmar and Bangladesh left their country by sea within the first three months of the year 2015, among whose 3000 died. However far from addressing these issue,the Bangladeshi government has been denying the fact that it’s people are leaving country due to economic depression. In the face of international pressure, some countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have agreed to give temporary shelter to migrants drifting and starving in the middle of the ocean. However, no visible steps from Bangladesh government yet to bring those victims back to their homeland. 

Notes: Source: UN, Prothom Alo, Daily Star Newspaper reports recent reports.