Brahminy Blind Snake in my House!


© Monirul Alam

That morning, ( 27 July,2012) when I get up form sleep I receive an interesting news, In my house found a Brahminy Blind Snake local name Dumuka Shap ! To me it’s really surprising news!

I thought how can it’s possible in our resident there is no garden (except a few flower pot on the rooftop), pond, even any agriculture activities or green filed. That area’s where I live it is completely a concrete of Jangle!

My wife Bubli said, last night when she takes a shahari (during the fasting month of Ramadan) with my other family members they saw that snake walk in our dining room, while they are afraid after that they captured and put on the plastic battle.

My younger sister name Nazma Akther who is an assistant professor of Zoology Govt. Eden College Dhaka she identified, and said according to the Encyclopedia of…

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