Statement . . . 

“As a journalist, storyteller, and visual artist working in an evolving media industries, I committed to investing a wide range of global issues.”

– Monirul Alam

Monirul Alam |

Monirul Alam born in Old Dhaka 1975. He took up photography in 1994. After completing his Bachelors in Accounting from the National University, he went on to graduate from Pathshala, the South Asian Institute Media Academy.

Monirul currently works as a deputy chief photojournalist in The Daily PROTHAM ALO newspaper.

His main interest lies in depth PHOTOJOURNALISM- works as a front lines photojournalist where NEWS has been born, at the same time he works as DOCUMENTARY & ART with concerning environmental, social and political issues. He really passionate with writing like POEM, JOURNAL,FEATURE, ARTICLE . . .
His work has been published in prestigious national and international publications, such as National Geographic, Your Shoot on Line Version,The Guardian, Time Magazine,Time Light Box, TIME Lens Blog, Newsweek,Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, New Internationalist, Saudi Aramco World,The Daily Prothom Alo, DrikNews,The Daily Star,The Observers France 24,100 Eyes Magazine,Private Magazine,ZUMA PRESS,Majority World,AP, AFP, EPA,Photojournale, Corbis Images, The Click,Icone Films ( Animal Planet Channel), Wostok Press,Bangla Rights etc.
He is the recipient of several awards in a number of photography competitions such as Asahi Shimbun,Young Portfolio Japan K*MoPA,, Nikon Photo Contest and India Print Circuit IIPC, National and Club Level Photography Contest.

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