Daily Star Publication / FORUM

The  Daily Star News paper published my photo feature Climate Refugee of Bangladesh to their Monthly publication FORUM Vol. 4 Issue 10 October 2010. Please see see the link http://www.thedailystar.net/forum/2010/October/p_feature.htm

and would like to request send your opinion.

Daily Star FORUM Publication Vol 4 Issue 10 October 2010

Climate change has touched every corner of the world and every aspect of our lives. As the global temperature increases, its impact will become even more extreme. As part of the initial effects of climate change, the world is already facing food and fuel crisis. The World Bank and IMF have sounded a more serious alarm: 100 million people in low-income countries will be pushed deeper into poverty.

In Bangladesh, we are experiencing rice crisis firsthand. The long queues in front of the subsidised rice sale centres are an indication of the impending disaster: 30 million people will face starvation.

Natural disasters like SIDR, constant river erosion, drought and flood have led to mass migration of people from the countryside to the cities. The migrants were lured by visions of money, food and a better life, but many of them till now have failed to realise their dreams. As a consequence, the rural poor have become the urban poor.

During the course of documenting the state of poverty in urban areas of the country, my investigation finally led me to the plight of the numerous climate refugees in Dhaka city. These are but a few glimpses of a much larger picture.

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