On the way of my office long time I standing near the Mintu road with my motorbike causes  huge  traffic jam. A bas contractor  insisting me-ride your motorbike on the footpath and safe your time. He said, bhai footpath re upper deya jan, boya takle shomoy nosto hoibo. I think as a responsible person I don’t go the wrong way . . .

Dhaka. Human Train Copy Right:Monirul Alam

Within a few  minute’s  I see most of the motorbike rider- ride their motorbike on the footpath- like parent with his  kids,security forces,Journalist and many more. After while a  contractor smiling for me, and said how foolish you are !

In the day time all street are occupied and  gridlock by the  bus,private car, rickshaw street hacker. Political parties and other organization  doing their regular activities on the busy street without concern law and other people’s right.

Dhaka city people are now crazy. If your could closely observe than you see  within a minute  more incident is happening  even that each other beat of them for funny things, every day of their daily chats.

Lawlessness, respecting each other and dignity is gradually  lost form the people’s  life. It is establish that We lost our believe. We  all are busy and mad crazy going faster and faster- but the result in ZERO.

On that days I also covering an assignment at Faculty of Fine Arts ( Charukola Dhaka University)  An eminent Japanese sculptor SETSU SUZUKI  for his exhibition opening. He said,  my first visit I see huge number of people live in the dhaka city. He also said   my HUMAN TOWER installation is more relevant for the Bangladeshi people. I think as a foreign artiest within a short time to read our society.

8 November, 2010 Dhaka, Monday

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