Korbani | Dhaka

KORBANI the sacrifice of animals on the tenth of Zilhajj OR Eid-ul-Azha, is next on of the Muslim people around the world.Bangladeshi  people also are  busy with their Eid related activities like home bound people standing long queues on the train station for purchase ticket, some of them going to the cattle market look around to purchase sacrifice animals with bit of confused Anthrax  . . .

After completing my office job I  returning on the way of my home with my motorbike. It was around 11.30 pm  suddenly I saw an interesting things, three kinds is  doing something on the street at mid-night I near to close upon of  them and watch  and ask them they said, Korbanir Chamrar Poster lagai . . .  amra madrashar chhatro . . .

Old Dhaka. November 2010. Orphanage students attached poster on the street wall at old Dhaka.Copy Right:Monirul Alam

Rabbi, Mostafa and Bappi three of them an orphanage students (madrasa student’s) attached poster on the street wall on the poster write a note, Please donated your sacrifice animals tanned hide for the orphan students. I spend many times  with them and talked- they are really enjoy this work and get feedback from the people they hope . . .

When I writing this post Dhaka city situation is enraged, BNP chief  opposition Khaleda Zia evicted from her cantonment house and angry BNP protester clash with law-enfources and they torch many vehicle around dhaka city law-enfources arrest many of them and BNP has called  day-long strike countrywide on Sunday. In this situation EID ahead people are more suffer   . .  .

Saturday,13 November 2010, Dhaka

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