Dhaka city is now like turning human sea home bound people madly rush on the bus,train and launch station for celebrating  country’s second biggest religious festival Eid-Ul-Azha. Number of cattle market occupied on the main road traffic system is already collapse but people not to stop just moving and moving. I think  they are determined to go to  their village and celebrate Eid with their loved ones.

Tongi Station. November 2010. Hundreds of homebound passenger crowd the roofs of train risking their lives to meet their kins and share the joy of Eid festivity.Copy Right:Monirul Alam

We  just wait at Tongi rail station to take photos for our news coverage. I look around on the station number of people is waiting for train. The commuter train will be come from Dhaka station and go to other district. I see a few of garments worker just sitting on the station, I talked with them, Salma Begum said, The train was supposed to be here at 4.30 pm, now it’s 6.20 pm but not to arrive we just waiting hour and hour’s but we are happy  to go to my house, like Salma thousand of train passengers waited for  long time.

When the train is arrive on the station I just look, it is  already full of passenger inside and roof of the train while I see Salma just left her shoes and thrown the train roofs and than she climbs up on the train roofs, I think it is risking journey for her but Salma is smiling me and say good bye bhaiya Eid Mubarak. I took many pictures of Salma and her friends. Within a few minutes the train is left from the station at the same time I leave on the station and  started my motor bike to returning my office news editor have been waiting for my picture  . . .

16 November, 2010 Dhaka, Tuesday

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