People’s takes risky Journey for Celebrate Eid-ul-Azha in Bangladesh

I was their around 6.30 am. on the Dhaka airport train station to cover the people’s train journey on upcoming Eid Holidays. Thousands of home bound people left Dhaka and to go to their village town celebrating Eid with their loved ones.  Yes, it wills an amazing to see when train arrives on the station. I stand on the foot over bridge to take photos and observe the whole situation.

© Monirul Alam

 At that time one of train passenger came to me and asked, Are you journalist and said , I came here yesterday at  6.00 pm. to go to my home town in Lal Monirhat but my train is not to coming on time and authority said, It will possible to come around at 8.00 or 9.00 am these morning ! I am just waiting for long time and spend 200 tk. for my food; I spent one night on the station platform and fall sick.

I looked him and pay attention his problem but not to find any solution. I think this is our system every Eid holidays home bound people are regularly facing these problem.  Atik Hossain  work in a garments factory in the Dhaka city, he also said, I don’t have any ticket yet, my train name Rangpur Express, maybe I will try to ride on the train roof, I know it’s a risky journey but I don’t have any other way.

I am really pained at heart to read today’s news paper Eight people  died falling off the roof of running trains in Tangail and Bogra district on Friday night and yesterday. But people are not to pay much attention and not to bother about the news. I think people really mad to go their village any way. But the painful news is that every year home bound people take these risks by train, launch and bus journey and is in occurred an accident.  

© Monirul Alam

However, when the train arrives in the station, it’s already overcrowded look like a human sea. Within a few minutes people rush on the train and agitate each other to boarding on the train. Finally they are happy to go to their home to take a risky journey on the train roof. I hope to safe their journey and to celebrate the Eid-al-Azha with their loved ones.

Eyewitness, monirul alam, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 06. November 2011.