Mobile Phone’s Photography . . .

Now a day’s Mobile Phone’s Camera is very much popular in everywhere of the World. Phone cameras are becoming more and more advanced as us consumers demand better quality pictures from our phones. Phones like the Galaxy S2, iPhone 4S and the Nokia N8, all phones from 2011, really went up a notch when it came to picture quality.

Recently Nineteen international photojournalists like John Stanmeyer, Gary KnightDonald Weber, Ron Haviv, Ed Kashi, Marcus Bleasdale are use this tools and getting a magic result.

During my photographic assignment I am use my D,SLR camera like Canon ID Mark IV with necessary lenses and other things-  at the same I am also try to use my mobile phone camera Nokia E63 and the result is as well good, that camera provide 1600×1200 pixels image and then Image format is JPEG. Here I post some photos which I took today’s in the morning.  Yes,  I also mention  today’s is rainy day and light is really soft and cool, I went to our roof top with  my mobile phone camera and takes some photos finally I edit it out and displaying you . . . monirul alam

Visit: monirulNews

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