Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

“As I’m standing on this shore,
Can you see I need more?
My hearts wish is just to know
what it’s like in the ever glow. . .”

© Monirul Alam

Near and Far: In this picture a little child sits on the beach early in the morning, her name is Sonali, she actually wait her father who and other fisherman catches fish on the seashore. It is the place of Island named, St. Martin Island in the northeast part of the Bay of Bengal. The St. Martin Island is the only coral Island in the Bangladesh. I was there with my family tour and captured a beautiful life and moment which I remember. © Monirul Alam  


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. This shot is amazing! From the little girl in the foreground, with the leading line patterns in the sand that lead you right to the group of fisherman in the distance, it doesn’t get much better.

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