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As a professional photographer point of view to takes a better landscape photography, you can only shoot two times. In order to get a good landscape, you shoot early in the morning and evening time other times is as well as good for documentation but during your photo shoot, using those magic times to get an amazing result. . .

MORNING TIME: About 15 minuets before sunrise and than form 30 minuets afterward.

EVENING TIME: About 30 minuets before sunset and than form 15 minuets afterward.

WHY: Because it’s the only time you get the soft, warm light and shadows, that’s given you professional quality lighting for landscape photography. Professional Landscape Photographers shoot at those two time of day. It’s a golden rule of landscape photography.

CAMERA SETTING & OTHER THINGS: Aperture Priority (AV), Manual (M), Program (P) and Landscape mode is better for shooting time. Must shoot in RAW mode for viewing purpose to shoot in JPG mode. ISO setting is to set up 100 up to 800 it’s depend on level of light. Set up your camera into Auto White Balance for avoiding other compilation. Lenses are use Normal, Standard Zoom, Telephoto and Wide-angle lenses, it’s depend on your lenses accessibility, try to get maximum f-stop (Depth-Of-Field, DOF) keep in your Flash to use it if necessary for fill-light and must use in your Tripod.

Before shoot landscape must see the Muster Landscape photographers works through the Web and than not to copy their works to see for experience.

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